Jeremy Clarkson's rant on suicide ...
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5th Dec 2011

Ok, so Jeremy Clarkson has shown his blatent ignorance about Mental Health related issues and disregard for those suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. Can I honestly say I'm suprised though? Well, actually, no. I'm not at all suprised!

Last year I was hospitalised twice for depression, anxiety and attempts to take my own life. The staff I encountered, on the specialist mental health ward, had pretty much the same attitudes. I was selfish, immature and throwing temper tantrums. I was told that, should I succeed in taking my own life, there would be nothing nice to say at my funeral. I was told that I couldn't love my mum, when I did so much to harm myself and endanger my own life. I was a terrible burden and, if I carried on the way I was going, I'd be like everyone else in there with no-one wanting to stay around. They didn't want to have to find me dead, it would ruin their day. Countless other staff members, members of the community mental health team, solicitors, appeal panel board members and my mum witnessed this and did nothing. I have never felt less of human than I did upon leaving hospital. To this day, I am engulfed in pits of despair, believeing my self worthless and my existence pointless and harmful to those around me.

I have had friends and heard strangers, who have used self harm and suicide as ways of expressing they're fed up and without literally implying that is how they are feeling. A significant number of these people have been aware of my difficulties and continued in the mis-use of this mental illness. Not only is this frankly insulting but this also reinforces imagery and thought patterns that I spend my entire day attempting to avoid, so that I can function or prevent harm to myself or death. Suicide has become a throw away term, stripped of its meaning.

I ask you this: should we be tackling the comments of one man, who is known for his outrageous comments, or the underlying hostility and lack of sympathy and understanding to mental health still present in society today?

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