Depression is ruining my life.
Posted by sharnie
25th Jul 2019

Hey, I'm new here. I've been on many sites and haven't gotten anywhere. It's either that the others sites are being used for the wrong reasons when it's supposed to be for people who need help like me, you and others. I don't have any friends, online or in real life. Its either I push them away, I annoy them or the do stuff in their life that I really don't like(Drugs) etc.
So I'm hoping I can get something from this place. Here we go,
Depression is killing me inside and also ruining my life. I don't go out anymore less its with my partner. Otherwise if I'm alone, I get problems such as IBS, Sweating palms, Fast Heart rate, Dry mouth and I can't focus straight. I work, I come home and then I stay home. I only have my Mum, I have no siblings or anything. I've recently started Counselling, right now I don't feel its doing anything. But I've been told to stick at it.
Just hoping I can gain something from this group? because everywhere else has failed.
My work is basically my only social life i have, quite sad really..
Since having this depression I've lost interest in literally everything! I don't have energy, I sleep a lot, I'm a very defensive person.. Just need someone to talk to about my problems.
I hope this blog works and I get a response.
Isolation is my life now, depression is my life.
I need and want to kill this Depression and get on with my life.

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