Donít act on temporary emotions
Posted by hannahlai
9th Jul 2019

Iím learning that it is important to not act on temporary emotions. Life isnít about finding yourself itís about creating yourself. Iím Hannah I have Eupd, possibly on the autistic spectrum and suffer a great deal with anxiety and depression. I believe we all have our battles with mental health at some point in our lives. Iím 21 my father passed away two years ago, these experiences donít determine who I am but they make me who I am! Some days I feel empowered and amazing others I feel worthless and suicidal. I donít really know what this site is or this blog business is. Iíve had two overdoses in my life, on paper Iíve got a great life a loving family and a job but yet Iím still so so depressed? How can this be? I think lifeís amazing but I donít know how to enjoy it and live in the moment

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