Posted by dingle1992
30th Jun 2019

Do you ever feel as if life just isn't going the way you hope it had meant to go? Like the only way i can describe it is that you're in water, and you're not really drowning but you're not swimming... you're treading water at most, and you're keeping yourself alive by doing so, and then one day, you see a rescue boat, and you think. "this is it, this is the day that it will all turn around," and then this massive wave comes from no-where and sends you that little bit further underneath... and you lose hope a little bit, but you're still there trying to stay above water and you're just say making it but you're becoming exhausted, really really exhausted... This has been my life now for about 3 years, since my first relationship fell apart to be honest, since i made the biggest decision of my life that now completely changed my whole entire life and this is where I am now..

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