My thoughts on mental Health
Posted by ryansrecovery
25th Jun 2019

People try and tell me im wasting my life away playing games and keeping in my room. I think this is a problem with a lot of people though. The world is so messed up in the fact that most people are very toxic and cause you endless problems and stress. One with mental health can only take so much until they are going to break, it's generally heart breaking seeing the strongest people you know and have been around in hospital get so far in life and be happy to then be f***** about by that one twisted person that put's there life in danger because they can't cope with the stress and the thoughts in their heads. Not only does it effect them at the time all these situations you are put through slowly works up in the persons head and creates very high anxiety and stress in the comunity. This then makes them isolate themselves from everything and makes them so demovated to stay alive and keep living a normal life because they are so used to being let down.

This is the thing with mental health, no one that has not experienced even a little bit of dark times in their lives just think oh they'll be over it when they can be bothered to do something, or they just simply need to snap out of it. These are common phrases that i have not just heard off regular people but also medical professionals which once again have no knowledge on mental health and their answer for everything is just medicate, medicate, medicate... What does this do? This gets someone very reliant on the medication because it turns them into a living zombie, knocks them out at night, puts weight on for people which adds extra insecurities.
The whole system i have had to deal with is stress in itself. No it's not everyone that works within the system, cause there are generally a very little amount of mental health workers that are on the same wave length as people that are suffering. They know what they need, they know what needs to happen for the person to get better. But all they can do for you is refer, or tell you to self refer yourself to services that have years and years of waiting to even get an answer! I understand how busy the services is but there are more and more people linked with mental health day by day and yet there is not enough funding from the government to even cater for their needs. This leaves many people so vunerable, left alone in a battle with their own head and it really is heart breaking to see people that don't have family don't have friends to support them, to listen... Yet the sad truth is that this person will either end up killing themselves or someone else because of all the years of abuse and being used by people, bullied, beaten up, neglected, asulted. The list goes on. but what happens to these people?

They either end up hurting themselves, killing themsleves, hurting others or just go on to be reliable on drugs and alcohol because of the years of all the things listed above. People see you, they see the state you are in scars on your arms, tears down your face, yet they are seen as bad people because they will raise there voice they will punch walls, scream, cry, make a scene. But the people that are doing this, well most of them aren't doing it because they want attention, they don't want to hurt anyone. They just want help and the whole system is just a mess! All they think about is medication but there is only so much medication can do to someone with years and years of thoughts and voices in their head.

As you can probably tell im not a writer. But this is a way i like to express my feelings. I've gone through years of being mis treated and used and let down by the system. I've been to hospital, ive taken overdoses. I still get thoughts of killing myself every single day and night. But i have a very supporting mom and dad and they are generally my world and have kept me fighting all this time to stay alive. They have been there when i've hurt myself, maybe made some wrong decisions, even lose my shit with them and get aggressive. Why ? because they know it's not me and they know i can get through it. Even though every time they do tell me this i think they are just trying to keep me happy. But they have honestly kept me fighting.

This is what lacks with mental health patients and people dealing with a rough time in their life. There is a lack of people out there that understand whats going on in their head. Their brain is always going through so much negativity yet they will still have a smile on the outside to keep the people around them happy. We need people that understand, that know what we are going through. We need recognition in the way we act when we are feeling low, we need the support on the outside from people to just sit there and listen is enough. No jokes, no b*******. Just the truth.

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