Scars and hot weather
Posted by rediscovering.meg
25th Jun 2019

Scars and hot weather.
When hot weather arrives itís great, but not so great if you have scars. Itís a very daunting time and can be very scary. I for one find it very hard to go out with my scars on show, Iím comfortable with going out with my leg scars on show as theyíre not really that noticeable but my arms are a whole new story. I find it easier to go out in short sleeves if Iím nowhere near home so I know I wonít bump into those people again, even though most people my age in my town know itís the older generation I worry about because their views are very different. (not all but some) My top tips for hot weather and scars? Start off by going out in what you feel comfortable, weather it be straight in at the deep end and short sleeves or long sleeves you do you. I know sometimes itís hard because even if you wear long sleeves people still make comments as to why youíre wearing long sleeves in such hot weather, but thereís just no pleasing some people! Gradually get your scars on show, start with 3 quarter length tops and slowly move your way up to short sleeves, just take it at your pace. Donít feel pressured into doing anything you donít want to do, take it one step at a time. Start by wearing short sleeves around family and friends. (they shouldnít judge) At the end of the day itís all about you and your mindset and how comfortable you feel. You need to realise people will stare and they will make comments but itís all about if youíre in the correct headspace to be able to rise above that. I know for one Iím not ready for the comments so I donít wear short sleeves out but Iím hoping by the end of summer I will be able to, I donít want to have to hide behind long sleeves for the rest of my life! Just remember to do what makes you feel comfortable and at ease, donít feel pressurised into doing anything too soon that youíre not ready for, but also be prepared for stares and remarks because unfortunately they will happen. Itís a lot to do with body acceptance, if you can accept your body is the way it is and you feel comfortable in it then you wonít care what anyone else thinks! (Easier said than done I know!)

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