Time To Normalise
Posted by cwmd1
21st Jun 2019

The longer I have lived with my own mental illness the more I learn about it. I am amazed at how our brains work and why they behave the way they do. I find it so interesting that the brain and our emotions can sometimes act in a certain way because they are trying to protect us, but they are sometimes wrong in their response eg overthinking, anxiety. But one thing that keeps astonishing me is just how much stigma there still is around mental illness. I think it is great at how much mental illness is being talked about these days tho, about time.

For me, the thing I keep wanting to say again and again to people when talking about mental illness is - it is just that - an illness. I may be wrong, and you may disagree, and believe me, I hardly think this about myself but I feel we do not give ourselves enough credit, those of us who have a mental illness. We have to put up with, live with a mental illness every day. It can be a struggle, it certainly feels exhausting sometimes. Yet with all that we are so much stronger than we sometimes think and certainly stronger than we sometimes feel.

We go day to day with an invisible illness which is tough but what can make it harder is the stigma. The feeling of having to explain why we feel like we do that particular day. Or the opposite - trying to put a brave face on things and hide how we are really feeling. Even worse, sometimes having to justify why we don't want to do something that day, simply because it is just too tough at that moment. We wouldn't have to explain or justify something if we had the flu would we? So we shouldn't have to just because we have a mental illness. I think what I want to say is don't treat us differently. Our illness is an illness. And you know what? We are trying our best. We are more than good enough. We are amazing.

I hope everyone has a lovely summer

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