Celebrate Carerís Week by Amanda
Posted by SANE
13th Jun 2019

Carer’s week is June 10-16th. I feel passionate about Carer’s week because of the great help that my grandma and my family received during my grandma’s illness. During my grandma’s illness we got help from a personal carer who helped tend to my grandma’s needs. The carer did a great job with making sure my grandma got everything she needed and more.

This carer also helped us during the process of my grandma’s illness because she made sure we felt important too. She would go out of the way and include us on special days and events such as Christmas and birthdays.

My grandma passed away last year, but I smile at all the happy memories we had. The Carer was able to help my grandpa and I keep grandma at home instead of having her be placed in a nursing home. My grandma got her wish to stay at home surrounded by people who loved and cared for her. This gives me peace.

Thank you to all the carers who work so hard taking care of people who need it. Happy Carer’s Week.

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