Blog for SANE - by Liz Rotherham
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7th Jun 2019

I was diagnosed with bipolar in 2003, which led me to being sectioned in a mental hospital for a month to recover from a major psychotic episode which saved my life. I thought I had special powers and the ability to stop a train which sent alarm bells to my manager at the time. Whilst in hospital they injected me with a vast amount of medication, this resulted in me going into a depression for a period of 10 months and not being able to leave my parent’s home. They watched me 24/7 so I wouldn’t end my life and encouraged and supported me back to better health.

I have subsequently experienced numerous episodes of mainly psychosis where I have been hospitalised. Rather than take this as a negative situation I have turned it round into something positive to help and educate people with regards to mental health.

I am extremely passionate about helping to reduce stigma and stop discrimination, I truly believe if people share their stories and don’t suffer in silence the world would be a better place and people will realise they are not alone.

I do a lot of voluntary work to raise awareness and complete talks in schools, universities and companies. I have also recently completed a training video for Essex Police to help police with understanding mental health and what to look for.

I have set up a website which I know is very basic but a starting platform for people to share stories: I am also a SANE and Mind media volunteer and have recently just completed the 7 day MHFA instructor course with a view to delivering the MHFA 2 day course in my workplace and also other companies.

This course really helped me as I have experienced a lot of what was talked about on the course so had a great understanding and empathy of what to expect. I now have the necessary tools to deliver the course and also to help people with their concerns. This is so needed in the workplace as if mental health first aiders are in place this could prevent some-one going off sick and also help their wellbeing.

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