Mental health at work support
Posted by mrsh
13th May 2019

have been thinking of late what strategies can work places have in place to deal with mental health and the effects it can make on their employees.

I am hoping this will get you all thinking, and thinking more open minded about the different ways someone with a mental health condition may be the cause of change in there performance, behaviour and attitude in the working environment.

Mental health although some may be getting a little bored as everyone and his dog seems to saying they have mental health……..Blah blah blah !!!!!!
Reality is …we all have it, whether a daily recurrence, frequent or infrequent, there will come a time in our life where we will fall into this category and find our normal ways of “coping” simply do not work ! So please do not choose to dismiss this as its important and effects lives so much so that you may even start to realise it is you or someone very close!!!!!

So my reasoning for discussing this is there certainly needs to be a better understanding and practical support strategies put in place to offer a safe place of sanctuary and understanding for employees.

These here below are my own thoughts from a personal perspective, and what I feel would be so very helpful to those of us who face times of dismay in our working lives.

How to support employees with mental health

1) Have a better understanding and be sensitive to the fact they may be going through a crisis that may cause them to be vulnerable, not themselves, have high anxiety, worried, paranoid, down and depressed.

2) Offer a open door so they know they can come in complete confidence to talk, share or offload if they need to. (And keep the promise an employee doesn’t want to feel like everyone knows their vulnerabilities)

3) Ask how you can help them, or is there anything you can do that would make the current crisis/situation better(especially if it is work related)

4) Reassure that everything that is discussed will be kept in the strictest of confidence, albeit if there was a concern of harm, all discussions would go no further than the very room it is being discussed in.

5)Offer regular follow up meetings to check in how they are doing. This could possibly help them to know they have time and space to share and the regular support will be reassuring and a place of security for them.

6)Do not remove job roles from them as this may make them feel completed defeated when it may just be a temporary state of mind. A better approach is to ask them if there is anything you can do to make there work life better.

7) Look for signs of stress, pressure, someone not acting like themselves and don’t be afraid to speak to them on a more relaxed level to understand if they have issues they are currently struggling with that maybe affecting their current state of mind.

8) Educate yourself. If you don’t know how to handle mental health, there are countless websites that will give advice, support or even give tips how to be supportive to someone you know who may be facing these struggles.

If you have any other thoughts or ideas regarding how to improve and have better support in the workplace please feel free to leave it in the comments below.
And if this has helped just one person to be more mindful (no pun intended lol) then that’s 1 more person who will have a smoother, happier and a more positive experience.

And if you are the employee….don’t keep it a secret. Try to find maybe just 1 person who can walk shoulder to shoulder with you. Whether its 1 person who you can check in with or someone who is willing to look out for you. And if you don’t trust anyone…get online, see a doctor, seek some advice…there is always help out their….you just have to be willing to want it !

You will realise that more and more of us are going through life smiling away, but everyone is on a personal journey themselves…free your mind and make a positive change !!!

Peace and love

Maureen Hayden

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