Celebrate International Nurses Day by Amanda
Posted by SANE
10th May 2019

May 15 is International Nurses Day. I feel this day should be celebrated because nurses work tirelessly to help improve health (including mental health) and save lives.

The last time I saw a nurse was in late 2016. The nurse knew I had anxiety and that I was very nervous about my appointment because I had some negative experiences in the past. She took her time with me. She listened to what I had to say about my situation including my mental health. It was during that visit that I was able to talk openly about my anxiety and depression and I was able to ask for help without feeling like I was being judged.

She helped me with a treatment plan. Not only did I leave the appointment with some medicine for my rash, but she also made a referral for outpatient therapy for my mental health.

Because she was so kind and listened to what I had to say I had a positive experience. I felt less anxious at my next appointment.

I have a few friends who were nurses during their careers and they have helped me understand that being a nurse can be really amazing.

So thank you nurses everywhere for your hard work. 

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