Heading On Out
Posted by cwmd1
5th May 2019

Do you ever have a time in your life when you feel so anxious, depressed, down, sad that the thought of going out and meeting up with other people is the very last thing you want to do? That feeling of every aspect of getting ready to go out and socialise seems such a tough, uncomfortable sometimes even a feeling of an impossible nightmare to face, and in fact all you want to do is stay in the comfort and safety of your own bubble and stay at home, and not face the world? And yet, at the same time, you feel so incredibly lonely, misunderstood and isolated? Yep, me too, you are not alone. Oh my goodness the times I have had these two conflicting feelings racing round and round my head when Iíve been invited somewhere. If Iím honest, they are always there when a social event appears on the calendar. By the time Iíve struggled with these feelings and the event day dawns Iím so exhausted emotionally I havenít got the strength to go. And if I cancel, whoa! Here comes the loneliness again!

So what to do, what to do? The advice is a good one but not an easy one if you are an introvert like me. Being on your own can feel so good sometimes canít it? That feeling of just being relaxed in your own company and that feeling of calm and quiet, gosh I need that. But I know that balance is key and as lovely as that time is it would indeed get pretty lonely to be in my own company all the time. So, this month Iím going to start searching for advice on how to actually enjoy being out in the world again and not get so exhausted by the thought of it. Not overthinking everything and baby steps, I think, are the first two things to learn about and try. And to try is all we can do, and sometimes, that can be enough.

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