April showers brings flowers; Therapy can bring peace to mental health by Amanda
Posted by SANE
30th Apr 2019

In Pensacola there is usually a lot of rain showers in April. For me, I love to listen to the rain and see the changes that the rain does. It brings flowers. Flowers that are pretty. Just like the rain cleans the earth to make flowers, Therapy can do the same for mental health. When I went through out patient therapy I felt like it was going to take time for me to get well. I was unsure of the outcome. I was glad that I went. Just like the rain. Each week, each session brought peace to my mind. I became less angry over the loss of my mother. I learned ways to help me cope with the anxiety that I felt.

Remember there is no shame in seeking help through therapy. It can bring you peace for your mental health.


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