Celebrate National Pet Month by Amanda
Posted by SANE
30th Apr 2019

April is National Pet Month. I have a Pit Bull named Duke. I am celebrating national pet month with Duke.

Going for walks! Duke loves to go for walks. He enjoys smelling the grass, smelling the flowers and enjoying the fresh air. It gets us outside and we get to enjoy Exercise.

Enjoy a spa day. Duke loves bath time! He loves to give me kisses as he is getting his bath. I get hit with water too. It is a great way to spend time together.

Just play and laugh off your stress.  Duke loves to play with his red ball out in the back yard. I get to chase him as we play keep away. I enjoy being outside and seeing my dog be happy as he gets to run around the yard. I laugh because I enjoy seeing him having fun. Another game that he likes to play is tug. He usually beats me at this game because he is so good at it. His last favorite game I have been trying to teach him is fetch. He knows how to play this game inside the house. We are now working on playing it outside in the backyard. So far he understands the rules of sit, stay and then he will run after his toy. However, he still has not mastered bringing it back to me. He will get their in time. ?

I hope that everyone enjoys time with their pets. Happy National Pet Month!

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