Taking That Brave Step And Reaching Out
Posted by cwmd1
21st Apr 2019

This may sound incredibly daft, but for a long time now I have been convinced I must be cursed! Now I fully agree, this sounds way over the top and very dramatic, but for a long time it seems everything I try and do goes wrong. Little things, I cannot tell you how many times my washing machine has broken down already this year. Or how many times I have planned an evening out, or a nice day trip for it only to be cancelled due to someone in the house being ill.

Itís other things too though. Maybe not big things to anyone else but they are very big hurdles for me. A number of things have happened recently, and I mean in the space of weeks that have left me feeling, well, pretty rubbish if truth be told. Things that have flared my anxiety, health anxiety, worry and itís making me feel pretty down. I heard myself saying yesterday ďI cannot understand it. If I was sitting back, doing nothing about all these troubles and worries I would get why I canít resolve them. But I do try, I try so hard to be positive to be proactive in sorting out all problems and yet no matter how hard I try, nothing seems to get fixed, work itself out and just get better. I feel so beaten.Ē

Iím not out of the woods yet from these worries by any means. But what I have done, and am continuing to do, is to try and not fight these feelings of worry and angst. Iím trying to accept this is how Iím feeling right now. What I am also doing is not trying to hide my feelings from friends and nearest and dearest. I know all I want to do at the moment is lie down and hide from the world with the tele and a very gigantic supply of ice cream. But I know that that is not the long term answer. So I am doing what I normally donít do, and that is reach out and be honest, and am telling people that Iím really feeling pretty not good and things are not great at the moment. It is out of my comfort zone to do this, but it really is the right thing to do. To reach out and ask for that support during our dark times. I know if it were a friend feeling like I do today, Iíd want them to feel they could reach out to me.

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