Writing for SANE: one year of volunteering by Amanda
Posted by SANE
12th Apr 2019

April brings a special time in my life. That’s because I have now found a passion and a purpose through Volunteering for SANE: Changing Mental Health for Good.

Last year, before I found out that I could support SANE through writing blogs. I was very unhappy and depressed. I did not see any self-value and I had little confidence in myself and my writing ability.

I saw a request for writers on Twitter, and I had previously written about self care through a writing prompt months before. Little did I know this same prompt came from SANE. I decided to send in my blog post to see what would happen. Once it was published, I felt happy. I wanted to do more for SANE. I asked if I could support SANE through writing weekly blogs. Week by week, I wrote blog posts on mental health and wellness. Through writing each blog I felt healing with my own mental health. Each time my blogs were published I felt happier and my self esteem rose. As a journalism major, I felt that I was finally using my degree and helping others with their mental health.

Once I started blogging regularly, I found out that my screen reader was not working well and I would need accommodations to get my work published. I was nervous when I asked for accommodations because I had negative feedback from places in the past. I was over joyed when my request was granted. I was able to continue helping others with my writing.

This gave me courage to write other blogs. In over a year I have written 28 blogs for SANE. I will continue to support SANE by writing more blogs!

Because I gained my self-worth and self-confidence I was able to ask my vocational caseworker about making freelancing a career.

Thank you SANE for helping me heal. For showing me worth. You are amazing!

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