2019: Tips To Reduce Stress by Amanda
Posted by SANE
12th Apr 2019

April is stress awareness month. If you are feeling stressed out here are some things you can do to help calm your stress level down.

Write down all your deadlines in a planner or in a calendar. I do this on a regular basis. I feel much more in control knowing what is happening in the coming weeks.

Keep a to-do list. I do this on a daily basis and it helps me keep up with my priorities.

Focus on five tasks as a whole. It was suggested by my therapist that I pick out five things to do every day. This keeps me motivated. For me, accomplishing five tasks is easy to achieve.

Focus and keep positive. I have learned that keeping positive helps improve my mental health. It keeps me happy. I learned that most of the time, if I think positive then positive things happen. ?

Remember your long-term goals. Think of one long term goal you want to achieve and set a few small goals that can help you reach your long term goal. For example, one of my long-term goals is to travel to the U.K. one day. One small step I can achieve is to fill out my passport application. I have already done this step. Another step I can take is to get my picture taken. Remembering one step at a time can help bust stress like a bubble.

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