Posted by flowery3
6th Apr 2019

Recently, more than a couple of my close friends have tried to commit suicide. And more and more celebrities are every week. The question I keep asking myself, is: why as mental health gets more accepted, are more people attempting to take their own life?

People. I believe people are the answer to that question and it is sad. Simple everyday situations such as arguments with friends, cheating on a partner, a bad photograph online, are causing cyber attacks. Let me tell you, I've argued with more friends than I can count. One, in particular, was all over social media. This little girl who had at the time slept with my boyfriend, got absolutely ridiculed online. To this day, I know that this still follows this little girl and upsets her from time to time. And recently, over five years later, I messaged her and apologized. I grew up and realized everyone makes mistakes. She slept with my boyfriend and I apologized, yes. Because I caused her more pain than she caused me by allowing over 10 people to hate her publically. I'm sure everyone knows how it feels to cry in your room while getting attacked by various people online, some who don't even know you. Do you know how low that can make someone feel? Did the girl who slept with my boyfriend, made a mistake, really deserve to feel that alone? I also still speak to partners who have cheated on me, why you ask? Because NOBODY deserves to be alone. If you need me, I am here. Regardless of what you have done to me. Don't hate on girls that your boyfriend cheated on you with, don't call them a 'slut'. What does 'slut' mean? A girl who sleeps around. Does this affect your life? Leave your cheating boyfriend and wave the girl off. Mistakes are mistakes and EVERYBODY makes them. I can assure you all involved already feel like hell, so making anybody feel worse by cyber-attacking them is not going to help you nor anybody else.

Now, this is just one example of MANY I could go on about. The cyber attacking that goes on in our society is absolutely ridiculous and ultimately is taking peoples lives. If anybody has wronged you, why would you want them to feel bad about it? You feel bad, but that does not make it okay to make anybody else feel bad. Words hurt. Words hurt a fucking lot and one word you said to that one person could be the reason they sit at night every night contemplating their life.

I'm urging EVERYBODY to be kind, forgive. You don't have to forget, but you don't have to be mean. Think about how you felt at your lowest, and help everyone you can get out of their lowest. You can be annoyed tomorrow about the girl who called you a name 2 years ago, but at that moment, help her. Don't let anyone think their life is rubbish enough to end. Help everyone and anyone, let's support each other to learn that life is worth living and always will be.

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