People with mental health are still human beings and we should not be ignored
Posted by catsane19
1st Apr 2019

Hi my name is cat I was diagnosed with anxiety nearly 2 years ago, when I was told I didn't want to believe but I knew I had to accept it and be strong I have been through some of the most horrible experiences which have scared the life out of me but I am learning to be strong , I am currently on medication to manage my mental health which is working I have the support off my family and my boyfriend and close friends who also have a form of mental health, I have noticed mental health does get ignored and it really shouldn't be, I have recently experienced a horrible experience with an NHS where they have completely ignored my mental health issues and pushed aside which has now I have taken further action as the outcome was not what I wanted, so I have been authorised to fundraise on behalf sane which I am very happy about, so on 8th April to 15th April I am coming off Facebook for a week I have a just giving link on my Facebook page my target is 150 I have raised 98 so far plus 34.60 cash sponsors, I am doing this because this is particularly important to me and other close to me who are also suffering and being ignored so i think it's time people treat us the same as others and no different, thank you.

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