Spring brings ‘new start’ in 2019 by Amanda
Posted by SANE
29th Mar 2019

In my own personal blog, I wrote about how spring is my favorite season. I like spring because of the warm weather and the amazing smells. It also brings hope. Spring brings me hope because it brings a ‘new start.’ It can be a ‘new start’ for those who’s plans for 2019 have not gone as planned.

Some ways that you can have a ‘new start’ is to write some goals or maybe re-write some goals to make them easier to achieve. I had to re-write some of my goals and that is okay. It is a good way for me to get a ‘new start’ this spring.

In addition to setting some new goals, practice Self-Care and get regular exercise. All these activities can help you get a ‘new start’ in terms of your mental health. One major thing that helps me get a ‘new start’ not just this spring, but every day, is to stay positive. Staying positive helps me achieve my goals and it helps me improve my mental health.

Getting a ‘new start’ can be very refreshing.

Remember that you can help someone get a ‘new start’ this spring by being a supportive person. Why not try out some of the tips I just mentioned? If you still need help with your ‘new start’ remember that SANE: Changing Mental Health for Good's helpline can be reached by phone at 0300 304 700 every day from 4:30pm to 10:30pm or by email at:

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