Imposter Syndrome - Hello, Goodbye
Posted by cwmd1
3rd Mar 2019

I think I must have been living under a rock, as before this week I'd never heard of the term Imposter Syndrome. Once I had heard about it I immediately thought "Yep that's me! My gosh, this is a real thing? A real actual thing, and not just a dent in my personality?" It may sound strange, but it feels such a relief to know because it means it is not just a part of who I am it is something I can learn about and manage.

I have to say throughout my life, from childhood to now, there have been times when I have felt a right imposter in different situations, and I'm talking all kinds, especially social situations. From meeting new people, going to new places, and a big one for me, going to parties where there are lots of people to meet, make conversations with, look like I am a chilled relaxed, lovin all this kind of atmosphere type of person, whilst inside feeling not good enough to be here, not deserving to be here, feeling sick, so very nervous and shy and wishing I was really back home in pj's watching a boxed set on tv with a massive bar of chocolate.

Having now heard of Imposter Syndrome I am discovering these feelings are quite common and felt by a lot of people. Knowing it can be worked on and managed makes it, for me, a much less lonely and isolating thing to deal with and it gives me hope that something can be done about it.

There are so many things regarding mental health that I want to learn and understand and Imposter Syndrome is definitely one of them. So for now, hello to you, Imposter Syndrome but also goodbye.

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