Take A Stroll Together
Posted by cwmd1
24th Feb 2019

I caught myself the other day. I was officially diagnosed with anxiety four years ago, and since being diagnosed I have been actively seeking ways to understand anxiety and how to manage it. There have been times, when I have had that "Yeah! Go me! I'm doing well today" feeling. But equally there have been times (lots) when I have not felt good, either about things in general or in me, in the way I deal with things.

The other day I noticed that someone very important to me, and who is normally a very upbeat, positive and relaxed about the world type of person (lucky lucky them!) was actually becoming very down and very stressed. Here's the thing - I have been so wrapped up in my own struggles it actually took me a long time to notice that they themselves had been struggling. Now I know, and totally agree with self care, and the metaphor of self care - when in a plane and the oxygen masks come down make sure your own mask is fitted before fitting anyone else's (meaning it is important to look after yourself so you are able to look after others) - but I think it is equally important to still be aware of our loved ones who may be struggling with their own issues, and being there for them. Something, if I am being completely honest, have forgotten to do lately.

Life is a learning curve though, and I have learnt this week that I may not be able to fix all my struggles and my loved ones with a magic wand, but I can do something just as important - and it is simply to just be there for them, as they are for me. Listen, be patient, be present and just be there. I believe that this way we can stroll through life together, and whatever life gives us along the way we can meet it together.

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