Things to remember when you are not in a relationship by Amanda
Posted by SANE
21st Feb 2019

Valentine’s Day has just passed, and if you are single it may be hard not to focus on wanting to be in a relationship. However, being single can have some great advantages some of which can really help improve your mental health and wellbeing.

While you are single you can enjoy some time by yourself by traveling. If you can not travel outside your own town maybe having a staycation is a great idea. Check out my blog post Five Staycation Ideas to help get started with your staycation. Perhaps you want to get away and travel to a distant land to help reduce so stress. If you are feeling motivated to do so check out my How to stay motivated and save for your summer dream vacation †to help you reach your goal.

Being outside and focusing on your physical health, though ways to find exercise, can also help promote great mental health.††

Above all remember that spending time with others can be a great way to spend this holiday. Remember that promoting Self Care: Volunteering or stopping by to see a friend can help not only you but it can help lift their spirits. Lastly remember it is not about what kind of relationship you are in but how you respond.

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