Labels - Good or Bad?
Posted by cwmd1
4th Feb 2019

I was thinking the other day about labels. Are they a good thing or a bad thing? Having spent the majority of my life so far, being seen to be "just a worrier" or a "why are you not more of a confident person after all you've got everything going for you?" person it was such a relief, in a way, to be formally diagnosed with anxiety. Having the label anxiety showed me that all those horrid, anxious, worried feelings were actually because of an illness, and not just because of me or who I was.

I have realised though, and unfortunately it is with especially my nearest and dearest, that they will use anxiety as a label (sometimes unintentionally) and use it as an excuse to almost dismiss my opinions as "its ok, shes just saying that due to her anxiety" or "shes accusing me or being out of order, but I really don't need to take that on board after all, its the anxiety talking". All I want to do at that moment is say "Hello! I'm still here! I am not a label. I am me with opinions, real opinions that may or may not be right, but should be treated with courtesy and respect.

Labels can give a name to what we have, but they should never be used as excuses for others to use and allow them to dismiss our opinions. They should never ever be used to silence our voice and never ever ever be used to define us.

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