Bi Polar Mixed Episodes
Posted by beautifullycrazy
30th Jan 2019

Hi everyone, so I was diagnosed with Bipolar in 2009. I quickly learned to enjoy my highs and to need to avoid the crushing lows. My ďusualĒ pattern was always High and very rare lows but suddenly
last year my Bipolar evolved.
By this I mean it changed my usual pattern no long exsisted, sure I was having the highs but during my highs I was feeling sad and low. I didnít understand, what was happening. When I was in the mist of a high I enjoyed it it was almost addictive but to have these feelings and then feel like I wanted to die, made no sense!

Needless to say this led to a section for just under 6 weeks......I was devastated, I was a messenger from
God they couldnít contain me, I would raise about their constrains.

I have the advantage of completely trusting my psychiatrist and when he suggested ECT I knew it was something that was going to happen. I had 6 sessions of ECT. For those who arenít familiar with ECT it stands for Electro convulsive therapy, it endures a seizure which I think of it as it resets my brain to its factory settings.

Why I am writing this, I want other people to know and understand that while Bipolar can be debilitating and devastate relationships, you can have a life thatís productive and while we go through these treatments feeling scared and unwilling at times we have to remember at the end of each episode is life one that we cherish people that love us and children that are there and need us. Embrace yourself you are always worth it worth the ups and downs and highs and lows!

Love yourself

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