Understanding Us
Posted by cwmd1
21st Jan 2019

It’s been a weird start to the new year. I don’t know why, but every year I buy into that “New Year New You” and I try oh I try to be positive on my “new mindset” and my fabulous “new healthy eating regime” which I am definitely going to stick to yes this is the year. Oh and not forgetting to “have a positive outlook on every aspect of life yeah!”. Ok so it’s 21 January, my anxiety has already had its first flare up of the new year, I keep smiling but inside I just want to live in pj’s and eat an entire chocolate fudge cake at the moment. But the thing that has surprised me lately is that I’ve started to notice my family’s attitude. They’ve been trying their best to understand me but I’ve noticed that any little niggle, stressy situation or basically something that is just a pain, if I say anything at all remotely negative they start acting “oh it’s the anxiety” and suddenly I don’t feel I’m there, i don’t have a voice, it’s just anxiety they see. Does that make any sense? But the thing is, yes, oh boy have I got anxiety and yes it can flare as well as living with it daily being on the sidelines, but there are things that can hurt or upset or just irritate and no that’s not anxiety that’s just a gripe. So I just wanted to say, we the anxious gang can have days when we can get hacked off and yes we can have days when anxiety is fully centre stage. But on all those days, it’s still me, it’s still us the individual, the person. We are not defined by our anxiety, we are definitely not our anxiety. Please always look for the person not just the mental illness because even on our worst days, we’re still here.

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