Lessons learned from 2018 and other past years by Amanda
Posted by SANE
21st Jan 2019

2019 is here; however, I find that reflecting back on 2018 and even further back can help me become a better person. Here are three important lessons I learned over the past years.

  1.       It is okay to miss loved ones. This past May my grandma lost her battle with Alzheimer’s. Over Christmas, I missed her a lot, but I learned how mental health during the holidays and remembering the good times helped and it is continuing to help me cope with loss.
  2.        If your loved ones keep asking you to go to therapy it is because they love you and they want you to succeed with your mental health. I was reluctant to go to therapy at first, in 2015, but with a lot of support and a lot of asking from my family and friends I made my first appointment in October. I am now out of therapy and doing well. I am glad I went to therapy.   
  3.       It is okay to set small goals for yourself. I set a goal to write three to four blog posts a month for SANE: Changing Mental Health for Good. Not only does it help me feel good about myself; it helps others.
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