2019: New year, New Me! by Amanda
Posted by SANE
14th Jan 2019

This year I want to become a better person. Therefore, I have decided to set a theme rather than specific goals for this year. As I already told my family, friends, and posted on my personal blog, my theme for 2019 is more movement, patience, and positivity.

If you sit back and think about it, these things can be applied to build better mental health.

Movement, for me, this means self-care. I want to exercise more. I have lost some weight and an inch off my waist. I am going to keep exercising even after  I reach my weight loss goal. I am going to stress less by writing in my journal, reading, and just taking time for myself.

Patience- This is a value I do not have, and I want to work on being patient. I want to work on having more patience when it comes to setting and achieving my goals, which includes maintaining my mental health.

Positivity- I want to focus on being more positive rather than being negative. I want to continue volunteering in my community. I love volunteering for SANE: Changing Mental Health For Good by writing blogs; I am excited to continue to write for them.

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