The Black Dog - by Craig
Posted by Admin
14th Jan 2019

The black dog isn't a pet who sits by your feet

And the black dog won't wait with wagging tail to greet

The black dog is vicious, unruly, unkind

The black dog growls away locked up in your mind

The black dog won't run for a stick or chew on a bone

And this menacing black dog won't leave you alone

The black dog has no emotion, loyalty or feeling

And with its brutal demeanour will leave you reeling

The black dog is a danger you don't want to meet

The black dog is strong but a beast you can beat

You can kick the black dog but I know it won't yelp

So to beat the black dog, please talk and seek help

I know it sounds simple but it can be so tough

When you break down and cry because you've just had enough

So the very first step that you will need

Is to get your black back on its lead

And remember these words as you go on your way

"It’s ok to say if you don’t feel ok"

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