Facing My Demons
Posted by Sapphira
12th Dec 2018

It’s been over two years since I connected with the wonderful team at Sane and published my blog about my psychotic episode.
How times flies. Since then I have created the #BurlesqueAPeel fundraiser and been supported by big personalities like Dame Stephanie Shirley, an IT entrepreneur turned philanthropist, and Maxim from UK band The Prodigy plus a host of small businesses and volunteers, thus far we have raised 797.01 (947.24 including gift aid) for Sane.

So today, I am smiling!

With the release of my latest track Facing My Demons, I am smiling because I know I have well and truly battled with the devil of my past and won!

It’s now been close to two months since the wonderful team at Trigger published my autobiography Burlesque Or Bust and it was such a joy to put that out into the world around World Mental Health Day earlier this year. Trigger Publishing are a global publishing house giving mental health a voice and I am proud that my work in the publishing world lead to this opportunity. That was another celebration for me, to know I had come back and have lived with good health and no relapses for 20 years but more so to be publishing a story that I hoped would amuse others as well as give some helpful tips, too!

The label that I had once suffered a bipolar episode kept me imprisoned with a sense of shame and unworthiness. I kept what had happened to myself until I realised I should share what I had been through to help others have strength and I was inspired to begin fundraising for mental health charities with my #BurlesqueAPeel fundraiser, too.

Music, as always, has been the key and now I am here finding the sweetest accomplishment having a complete album and stage show. When I have little wobbles, I have a kit bag of tools I use to exercise my mental strength which I have learnt from personal development charities such as More To Life and sound healing group Soul Voice . Some of my favourite techniques are using my processing book to writing down my life events and analyse them, making sounds without using words to express my grief, anger and joy or taking respite from digital devices and relaxing quietly in nature.
I am releasing my music independently, if you are inspired to purchase the single it will help me support myself and I would really appreciate it.
So here it is – Facing My Demons, because we can all face our demons and conquer and if you look inside you will find a fighter in there to get you through, too.

Listen/Buy/Stream – Facing My Demons

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