Posted by allenbrooks46
10th Dec 2018

Hello all. 15 days till the big dayÖ..and Iím doing my best to ignore all the general goings on and merriment. Iíve been trying to put off writing my Christmas cardsÖ..but I gave in to temptation and started writing some yesterday. I donít send out as many now, mainly because of the expense. But at least it puts me back in touch by communicating with a pen and a piece of paper. Which leads me ontoÖÖ

Who experienced that mobile network outage last week? A whole day without text message, internet and the phone bleeping or ringing at inopportune moments. By heaven, people had to talk to each other instead of burying their heads in their phones/tablets! But the outage did cost a lot of business, and Iím sure my colleagues at SANE had some problems receiving calls into their helpline. Mobiles can be a real lifeline, but the reason for their existence has changed. We need to be in the know all the time now, and to be commenting on various issues.

Talking of talking, leads me onto an event I attended at City Hall in London last Thursday morning. It was a mental health summit, and over 100 people from various charities and the health sector were in attendance. I had to speak, for only a minute (some say a minute too long) on my experiences in this particular field. It went well, and the event gave me the chance to network with others. I may also have another speaking engagement lined up too. Andy Warhol said that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Iíve only reached 8 minutesÖ..

So, keeping busy and just trying to block out Christmas. Fairly busy this week, which helps, and Iím just treating the festive period as ordinary days. Seems to be working at the moment.

Whatever youíre doing, keep well.

Bye for now.


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