g'day from newbie
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16th Oct 2011

G'day there!

Firstly Im a bit sad about the font and icon thingys that arent around here to use :( stifling my creativity somewhat haha!

yeah...moving on...

Im Jazz, and well thats aboot it! Im not in education or work or nufink! as I was in a eating disorders unit for six months, and so yeah Ive been tryin to get on best as can! its taken months after being home to get where I am now, had a threaten of inpatient psych unit and ng feeding at one point, but u know what? I cant carry on wating for these "professionals" to "help" me. Ive been so poorly these last 4 weeks and all they could say is see u in 2 months! It gave me a sense of empowerment, well rather God did, that its up to me now, and those around me to get through this. And Im doing it on my own and it feels good :)

The thing that I struggle so bad with is borderline p disorder. Its really effed my head up and i think thats where my anorexia stemmed from. I find it so hard to remain friends with someone, or make friends in the first place. I hate being alone and yet sometimes i just need to block my thoughts out by listening to music and that involves being alone and yet i hate it! I have so many issues that i just dont even know! and i dont understand where to get help from for that, it bugs me so much! gr lol!

so yeah, apart from that im pretty nice girl..i think!
i love to create things. drawing, painting, cutting anything! (not in s.h terms, as in the hedge!) sewing, making clothes when i can concentrate! My recently new discovery of really loving chocolate :) and taking photos with my amazing camera!

I am a family orientated girl, i would do anything for them. I have very few friends, but i would never trade them for more friends, less is more!
I think thats it for now!!

this probably is a boring blog! but ive never done one b4 so bare with me! it was just a hello kinda post! feel free to ask any questions, and yeah, er if i was writing a normal blog, i spose today's would say "urgh im poorly, i need lemsip, cuddle, hot water bottle and a dairy milk try wouldnt go a miss!" haha!


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