Possible sight loss: a gentle reminder that it is okay to practice self-care by Amanda
Posted by SANE
29th Nov 2018

Recently, I went to my eye doctor, and getting my results had to be postponed. Since that time, I have been filled with anxiety and worry. What has helped me cope until my next appointment is providing myself with self-care. I have confided in friends, family and my teachers of the visually impaired. I have found that getting into a support group where I can talk to others with sight loss has helped. During our recent monthly support chats I talked about what was going on and one person reminded me that it is okay for me to practice self-care and to be patient with myself.

I have been focusing on what I can do to make the most of what vision I have. I have been trying to focus on staying positive.

No matter what results I get I am going to take this challenge with stride.

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