Things are getting interesting
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14th Oct 2011

Since I last blogged. I decided to Play the game................................. I have a change of heart and decided this is a game I am going to win.I have to play it by the rules and that's what I am doing.

It's down to NO ONE to make you feel less of a person or to make you feel worthless because you have a Mental Illness. Victim I am NOT a winner I am.
We are all single when we are born and we develop an illness as we get older. But it should not rule your life and no one should use it as a way of getting their own way or make you feel that you are nothing. We are someone and we are loved by at least by animals or someone and are not alone. But sometimes it's nice to be alone and away from the outside world and close your mind completely to all of the crap you feel and see. One night a week is good but not every night. I LOVE my hubby but need some times to be alone to empty my head. All the emotions I feel can come out and I can be at peace. A change is coming and a good one. A chance to MOVE on and have a new life and a way of saying goodbye bye the end of the game. Not death just good bye.

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