Posted by allenbrooks46
23rd Nov 2018

Hello everyone. Itís been a strange week with some odd stuff going on. Itís also seen my mood take a bit of a crash for some of this week. Yesterday was a good example. I was due to attend a weekly Peer Support group, but when the alarm went off at 8 a.m. on a grey and miserable Thursday, I decided to stay in bed. I let people know I wasnít going to make it and I eventually awoke at 11.30 a.m., nearly lunchtime. My head was hurting, I felt pretty rough and the warmth and softness of the duvet was more inviting than standing at a cold bus stop.

Today wasnít much better. It has taken me all of the morning to get rid of the fuzziness swimming around my addled brain. I had offered to pop into SANE to do some volunteering. It took a lot of gentle persuasion to push and push and push again, to get out of that door. I did so, but I wasnít particularly looking forward to going in.

Well itís amazing what some tasks and some light work can do to the mind. Iíve had four or five things to do at SANE today and theyíve all been completed satisfactorily. Feel quite good about that. No pressure, just left to my own devices and that seems to have worked, albeit temporarily.

Looking forward, I have some indoor cricket to go and watch tomorrow morning, and then in the evening, a school reunion from 30 odd years ago. Itíll be interesting to see who turns up, who I recognise and who recognises me. Not a great fan of get togethers, but weíll see what happens.

Also, I have a couple of speaking engagements on the horizon in December, centring around mental health. One will see me speaking to over 100 people (gulp!) about my story and what gets me involved with voluntary work, etc. The other talk is to a group of mental health professionals about my own story and journey through the good times and bad.

To conclude, Iím having to dredge up a lot of will and resolution to get me through another difficult patch. I will be ok, just itís a mixed bag currently. Enjoying the good days and hating the bad ones.

Catch you soon.



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