Posted by sineadmiriah1
20th Nov 2018

Self-care is something we seem to put secondary to everything, I know I certainly did and still do.

Suffering with mental health issues when things are good self care usually goes out the window but it is critical in recovery but also when stable. I know this more now than ever, taking time to even just take a bath or sit in silence and do absolutely nothing is important. In todayís society when everything is a hundred mile an hour we need self care because without it we crumble.

If your car breaks down you fix it, if you break your leg you get it seen to and care for it. So why is it so different when our brains break, your brain can break and when this happens self care is needed and is a must but what seems to happen is because it canít be seen itís ignored or the whole Iím fine comes out.

Well my steps to self care have been to think about what makes me feel better when Iím low, these are;
- taking a bath - when anxious can help relax and itís soothing as well depression and anxiety can make you physically ache
- going for a walk - not always simple but if okay enough a walk alone or with someone can just make you feel better, the fresh air and also the exercise can help
- a hobby - if I get anxious I play with make up itís just something that seems to keep me occupied - itís also therapeutic and because I have to keep focused my mind is solely focused on that
- talk to someone - doesnít have to be about mental health it could be about anything - a series or a place you want to visit just something to take your mind away from it
- a pamper - well I know when Iím unwell my appearance goes out the window - I can go days without brushing my hair etc. Pamper yourself itíll help you even the slightest because if you look good it can help encourage you to feel better well it does for me.

These are just some things I do but self care is important when I initially become unwell my self care didnít exist which led to 4 teeth falling out, loosing my hair and also not knowing who I was anymore. Self care is crucial - get help and take small steps to recovery. The process can be long but stay with it but most of all look after YOU, put YOURSELF first.

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