Posted by allenbrooks46
14th Nov 2018

Hello all. Itís been a while since Iíve contributed to SANEís worthy website, so I thought Iíd better check in and let you know how things have been.

Itís been very mixed to be fair. A member of my close family is ill at the moment and is undergoing treatment. From initially receiving bad news that was very bleak and depressing, the outlook now is very much brighter, with the high prospect of a cure. So Iíve been trying to come to terms with this. Finally, Iíve processed the news and am trying to carry on with what keeps me well.

Which leads me on to some speaking engagements. I did a short video on mental health last month which was seen and commented favourably upon by a guy who is running an event for the whole of November, centring around menís mental health. He asked me along to speak at an event two Saturdays ago. It went very well, I got some great feedback and there is the high probability of doing some speaking at a couple of events in December. Looking forward to doing these and giving my story and what keeps me well during some difficult moments. So thatís all good.

Also, last night, I went to a farewell party for a member of SANEís team who is moving on to pastures new. Her positivity and warm, engaging personality was a lift to yours truly when I came in to volunteer and not being at my best. She will be missed but I hope she will keep in touch with her former colleagues. In fact she epitomised the teamwork and great camaraderie that is the bedrock of SANE. Great people and great colleagues to work with.

Yes, though itís November, Iím trying to stay positive and tick off each day until the evenings start becoming lighter. Been sleeping in a lot and not seeing much daylight. That needs to change. Lots going on to help tick off those days. Not my favourite time of year, but it is what it is and I have to get on with it.

Take care and see you soon.


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