Self Care: Volunteering by Amanda
Posted by SANE
12th Nov 2018

Self-care can come in a lot of different forms. A hot bath, exercise, going out to lunch with a friend or loved one can be a great way to show yourself some self-care.

One of the ways I show myself self-care is by volunteering. Through volunteering you can help support a cause you are passionate about, meet great people, make a difference and even boost your self-esteem.

 Volunteers are always needed for SANE: Changing mental health for good. Write a blog post, make a donation or attend one of their amazing events are all great ways to help support this wonderful charity.

I would like to personally thank SANE: Changing mental health for good for allowing me to help educate others about the importance of mental health. It brings me great joy to write blogs for you. ?

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