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8th Nov 2018

“People use the term “fighting mental illness” for a reason, you have a battle going on that no one else can see”

Everyone is becomming more and more aware of the issues surrounding mental health, this is something that I feel strongly about having dealt with on a personal level and seen how others close to me have been effected.
Over the years I have struggled with my mental health.
That is never an easy statement to make for one reason or another.
Some people cannot find the voice inside them to call a friend or family member strike up a conversation and discuss something so personal.

I am currently in a position in life where I have a life I am in love with, my children, my missus, my friends, my job.

I feel very fortunate and grateful to be in such a good position but even so, sometimes you have bad days, sometimes you cant even explain why.

I have always found myself, that exercise has played a major part in helping my state of mind, a run, a walk or gym session.

It is based around this that I decided to book up to run the New York Marathon in November and raise some money for Mental Health Charity SANE.

The week leading up to the Marathon I arrived in New York and was suffering from cold and flu lile symptoms. I knew that this is where mental strength would play a part in helping succeed.
I took every possible ailment and potion available and come race day I was about 80%.
Running the New York Marathon was a huge test and one I am happy to say I completed.
The support from my family friends and SANE was unbelievable.
Now I am back home and resting and the cold seems to have come back...but whilst I recover I am planning my next marathon with the hope of raising some more money for SANE to help them continue the amazing work they do

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