Care for Myself
Posted by exkalivur
8th Nov 2018

We all have been on that road, yes the road that made us lose our way. We thought it was okay, we thought everything was going well. We all experienced stumbling before and standing back up on our feet. We kept pushing ourselves, until one day we realized and asked ourselves, "Where am I? Is this right?" as we start to question our actions and situation.

Gradually we don't even know what we are doing anymore. We just kept doing whatever we kept doing, I mean, what else are we going to do in this hopeless situation of ours?

Along the way sometimes we start to forget something, and that is taking care of "ourselves". Sometimes we start to lose our appetite, get lazy on our hygiene, get bad habits, we don't go out exercise anymore.

Trust me, you don't have to change "all at once" at the same time. Just take one step at a time. Just take how much you can do everyday. It may be starting to take everything we have just to get out of our beds but it doesn't have to stop there. Maybe you can slowly start eating a second closer to your proper eating time. Then two seconds closer to your proper eating time, a minute closer, until you start eating properly. Maybe everyday start waking up and brush your teeth, take a proper bath as much as you need.

It may not solve whatever you are going through right now but you have the ability to ease your burden even by a little bit. Maybe try to start understanding yourself better everyday. "Have I eaten properly today? Have I eaten enough?" "Did I take care myself properly today?".

Along the rough roads, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves and sometimes we don't even realize it. It may be hard, but YOU have the choice to make the right decisions. At the end of the day the one that can take care of yourself the best is yourself. Your body will stick to you until the end of your life. You have "yourself".

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