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11th Oct 2011

Tomorrow I go back to work. Hopefully after tonight I will have a song in my heart. I am going to an Interview at a public House for the post of Kitchen Assistant.
I love working with food and cooking, so this seems a natural choice rather than the job I do now.
Fingers crossed I will get it. I also have done some research on my rights concerning the work laws. I found it interesting reading and something I could later use if I have to leave, I see now how fickle life can be and how others can mess with your head. So much so that you for a short time lose yourself in them and the things that surround you.
That life is not your own and that others can make you believe in something that isn't real.
I have found a 'door' and I am planning to use it to walk away from all of the negativity I have to work in and how I know I can be unbound and set free to do as I truly want to.
Never let anyone use you for a slave, make you feel less of a person than you are because all of us as beautiful and kind in our own sweet way.


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