Rome the Crippling Cactus by Leanne Drain
Posted by SANE
22nd Oct 2018

No such Romeo in this world,

all Juliette will ever get is a cactus

spiking out the poisonous essence of a broken heart.

The cactus is spiky, and green resembles envy in a mid-summers dream.

There is no Romeo in this world there is no such thing

But a broken dream

The cactus is real in a Mexican faze

Of a broken, distraught reality.

For love is not riding on a white shimmering horse

Or transforming the horse into a dove this is not love

For there is no such Romeo in this world only a cactus

That resembles green, envious thoughts of longing to be with the one that Juliette loves.

The Mexican faze becomes a reality of a cactus there is no happy ending from this world of love

All it leads is heartache just like Romeo and Juliette who die at the end of the movie

See love maybe sacrifice, like a scarf in the wind however it will forever be a green cactus in a Mexican faze.

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