A Mix 'N' Match Love by Leanne Drain
Posted by SANE
22nd Oct 2018

It was like choosing sweets from a pick mix

You are my strawberry heart and pink mice

Your heart was mixed with mine with sweets and

Lemon sorbets.


However even though our love was like a sweet

it was not destined to last

for you were a sour sweet and I was a ripple of a strawberry dream

a clash in sweet and a clash in love

we could never be

not even the stars could tell us we would last and be together

in our sweetly ever after glass


no, it was us who would face a mix ‘N’ match love

for we were so different that our worlds collided with the night

the light and the moon were meant to be ours

but our sweets had chosen their destiny

and it was not for us to be together


for how we could love our families would never allow it

we are too different sweets and we are unlucky in love

we face a Mix n match love

a pick mix fantasy


for the stars have chosen our love

and we will always be a mix n match

that were simply never meant to be.

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