in despair don't know wots best
Posted by danielle22
19th Oct 2018

this is a long story I met my boyfriend 4 years ago everything was OK at first but things started getting out of control,I found out he was using drugs my life was destroyed,all I was thinking was why would he do that to me we would argue to the point it turned violent,I'd throw him out but I loved him that much I took him back ever time thinking I could help but no matter how I tried it never worked he was still addicted to drugs,I couldn't cope so I told him that we had to separate,he's now living away getting the help he needs with a support group which is great but now I'm feeling more lonely then ever before as he's happy and I'm still struggling with the things he did to me I know it was the drugs,disease he had but now I'm scared that he'll get better and will move on while I'm still stuck still hurting and feeling isolated wot can I do to make me feeling better,it's been 4 months now since he's been gone I still love him,he tells me he loves me everyday is it better just to get on with my life and obviously he will get better and see wot happens after I just don't know it's actually getting me down,iv been trying to take my mind of it with work,going out with friends etc I just wanted a happy life with him.

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