Five Simple Ideas to Lift a Friend's Spirit by Amanda
Posted by SANE
1st Oct 2018

Do you have a friend who has been down on their luck? Here are five simple ideas, that are either cheap or free that can help lift there spirits.

  1. Make them a care basket. You can fill it with their favorite bath bombs, soaps, and snacks. This can give them a day or night to relax.
  2. Have a movie day or night. Pick out a movie from the tv or a streaming service.  Go to the local theater. Catch a new movie. I personally love going to see movies with friends.
  3. Treat your friend to a meal out or better yet bring one to them. Having a meal out and catching up can be fun. If your friend does not feel like going out bring a meal to them.
  4. Send them a letter-Sometimes sending a handwritten note and highlighting all the fun qualities he or she has or just saying hang in there is all a person needs.
  5. Be a listener. Sometimes a friend just needs someone to talk too. So listen, do not judge, and in the end give them a hug.
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