Dear Human,
Posted by misstiana
30th Sep 2018

Dear human,
Break free from your limitations,
Stop the comparison game,
Stop doubting yourself,
Stop the psychoanalysis,
People will always be better than you but you are best at your best,
Thank God for your small wins, because there are better days ahead.
Dear human,
Don't trade God's timing for your own deadline.
Trust God's timing with your life,you never know what you are being protected from or prepared for.
Stop seeking approval from men to run a God-given vision
Just run and if you fall, God is more than willing to get you back up again.
Dear human,
Don't go dimming your light because their eyes can't handle the shine.
Stop seeking validation
Your allegiance is to your peace of mind not their opinion of you.
Dear human,
You will encounter people who will not have enough room in their heart to love you for who you are.
So be it.
Your job is not to shrink for them.
There will always be someone who can't see your worth,
Don't let it be YOU
You will be too much for some people
Those aren't your PEOPLE.
Oh beautiful human
You're not ugly, society is.
You are more than enough.
You are the good in this world, the world is right with you in it.
Stay Sane and Happy.

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