My simple things that lift my spirits by Amanda
Posted by SANE
18th Sep 2018

Here lately I have been under a lot of stress. There are a few simple things that help me destress and lift my spirits.

For me, personally, a hot bath with my favorite scented soaps after I complete My Love of Running for Exercise. I love the scent of lavender and vanilla. The scent from the soap helps me relax.

I enjoy spending time with my friends via phone, video chat or in person no matter where they are in the world; we have a fun time together.

Getting to spend time with my grandpa, while we eat dinner, is a nice way to catch up.

Even getting good news lifts my spirts. I recently found out that I can take some free classes online. I’m excited to start learning.

I enjoy writing while my diffuser runs in the background, and drinking a warm cup of coffee or tea.

All these things are simple things that lift my spirits.

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