Garbage Day
Posted by allenbrooks46
4th Sep 2018

Not having a good day today. I woke up and felt pretty rancid to be honest. Didn't want to go out of the door, but calling on will and resolution, I went to my volunteering stint with SANE. Even though the company is wonderful and the office atmosphere excellent, my mind is all over the place. I was given a task of sorting out some paperwork, and I muddled through. I was told to leave it and do something else. Just one of those awful days which you wish would be better solved by staying in bed.

This is my second visit to the SANE blog. I do have a blog outside of this. Blogging helps. It gets my cogent, and sometimes not so cogent, thoughts down and through the general blogosphere.†

So back to today. I have just over an hour left. Other staff have disappeared for lunch, so I'm more or less on my own. Not a bad thing. Quiet and peaceful but the chatter of the staff when they're here helps me out of the grotty mood.

That's it. As I said, please tune in to my blog and I hope blogging can help you when the days aren't as good.

Best wishes


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