Have you ordered your SANE Black Dog Pin Badge? by Amanda
Posted by SANE
3rd Sep 2018

As I was sitting at my desk checking my email, the SANE August newsletter popped up. The title SANE: August Newsletter: Black Dog Pine Badge caught my eye. I opened the newsletter and loved the design of the new pin. Because I believe in giving back to this great charity and in helping those in need of support I quickly decided to order one.

The pin costs a donation of £5, and can be worn to help support SANE, and the people they support.

There are two ways to order the pin. Text SANE3 to 70500, be sure to include your name and address. You can also order it online at: Be sure to add Black Dog Pin Badge in the reason for donation form. 

I can not wait to get my Black Dog Pin Badge in the mail and to start wearing it. Be sure to make a donation for your Pin Badge today.  ?


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