My Love of Running for Exercise by Amanda
Posted by SANE
3rd Sep 2018

In 2014, I found out that I love to run as a form of exercise. One of my uncle’s runs as a hobby, so I decided to give it a try. I tried it a few times, and I really enjoyed it. So, I went to a local store and got my first pair of running shoes. I continued to set goals for running. Sometimes I met my goals and other times I did not meet them, however I kept trying.

I love running because it helps me keep focus and helps me with my weight management.

Even though I have a visual impairment I am not going to let that stand in my way. This past year I found out that there is a running technique called sighted guide running. How this method works is the sighted guide and the visual impaired runner are joined together by the wrist by a small rope. The sighted guide runs along the visual impaired runner and provides feedback for the environment that they are running in. I can not wait to get back to running by using this method. Maybe I will be able to run some different paths by using this method.

In 2016, I was blessed with some new running gear that was given to me by a friend. This helped me a lot because we have a rainy and hot season here in Florida.

I am excited to get back to running this year. ?

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